New Article at 9Marks

Just a heads up. 9Marks posted my interaction with Mike McKinley’s Church Planting Is for Wimps. Here’s a snippet:

I have a new logical syllogism that gives me a stamp on my man-card. It is based on Mike McKinley’s book, Church Planting Is for Wimps, and it goes like this:

(1) Church planting is for wimps.

(2) I am not a church planter, but a new pastor in an old church desiring spiritual revitalization.

(3) Therefore, I am not a wimp.

The conclusion may be debatable to some, but for now, I’m going to consider the case closed.

My situation is not exactly like McKinley’s. He became the pastor of a small church with the express purpose of revitalizing it with a team from his sending church, Capitol Hill Baptist. I, on the other hand, had no intentions of doing a work of church revitalization with a team. I simply became a pastor of a small local church with the intentions of shepherding them well from the Word of God.

But McKinley’s book on church planting/revitalization has nonetheless been applicable to my current pastorate. A lot of the things he experienced in his ministry, I am experiencing now. Maybe it’s because small churches by definition have a lot in common, or maybe it’s because I share his understanding of shepherding a healthy church. Whatever the reason, in the spirit of Jesus’ “truly, truly” statements, I want to affirm eight aspects of Church Planting Is for Wimps from my own experience as a new pastor. All of these points, whether imperatives or indicatives, are simply my reflections as a new pastor on some part of the book.

You can read the rest here.

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